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Smart Home Support

A smart home is all about controlling your home remotely via a smartphone or computer and continuously gaining popularity. Sometimes your smart home technology needs support to work properly.

Njoy Tech is here to assist you with smart home devices and systems to keep them up and running. We make your life easier and our technical support assists you to enjoy your smart home by assuring all of smart devices work seamlessly. Our techies integrate all aspects of your home automation into one appropriate and easy to use system to simplify your home. We diagnose each and every smart device and troubleshoot all the problems related to home automation. So you can monitor your home from anywhere to protect your home when you’re away.


Scope of Services

  • Smart Home installation and setup
  • Home network
  • Migration issues with hub
  • Can’t discover my camera
  • Connectivity issues
  • Incorrect home location
  • Smart home is not responding
  • Smart home devices don’t work
  • Motion Sensor stopped working

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